About a year ago, an ad that I saw from a cotton fabric manufacturer showed that of a woman sitting on her luggage in the attempts of closing it. It is a familiar scene for most of us going on a trip. This is a classic case of over-packing.

While the ad is giving you a promise on having your clothes still looking perfect even with the strains and brutal treatment, chances of that happening are slim.

Hang On, Carry-On…

The TSA website is offering to make trips better and easier by adhering to the 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons which are:

  1. 3 ounce bottles or lesser (by volume);
  2. 1 quart-sized, plastic, clear, zip-top bag;
  3. 1 bag for every passenger placed in the screening bin.

To make security checks smoother and easier, do not deviate from the 3-1-1 rule unless they are for baby food that you have to bring on board with you. The TSA gives out crystal-clear information so just go to their official website if you want to know more.


Trip Tip: The airport of San Francisco has quart-sized bags ready at your disposal in the security line. But I personally wouldn’t rely on it and you shouldn’t too if you travel later during the day. Just bring your own instead.

Smart Idea: Bottled waters in the airport costs around 3 times more than those that are sold outside so if you are frugal, bring an empty plastic bottle and fill it after the security check point or when you’re on board the plane.

On my side, I prefer having these items as a carry-on:

  • Smaller over-the-shoulder bag for easier access to necessities
  • A larger backpack for everything else

What’s usually in my shoulder bag:

  • – Wallet;
  • – Documents;
  • – Tickets or a print-out with e-tickets numbers;
  • – Cell phone;
  • – Pen and a notebook;
  • – My itinerary for both ways;
  • – Both wet and dry wipes;
  • – Plastic bag with the TSA allowable amount of toiletries;
  • – Lip balm;
  • – Water (but drink it before reaching the security check point);
  • – Mints.

Trip Tip: In the occasion that you need anything that might be urgent, have it within reach.

Smart Idea: Secure a note or information of your state of health from your treatment doctor and have it in your wallet so when the condition worsens, people who could assist you can easily locate it. Place it next to your cards especially with the insurance card plus the name and number of your treating specialist clearly marked.

In the backpack:

  1. – Magazine or a light paperback book;
  2. – Laptop;
  3. – Photo or video camera;
  4. – Change of clothes (it is essential as luggage get lost on flights);
  5. – Snack (nothing that’s crumbly or perishable),

Vacation styleIdea: Most women spend a lot of time preparing and finding the right swimsuit with the perfect fit. But your luggage may get delayed or lost and you might just have to get the first thing that’s on the gift shop.

Tip: Investing in items specifically designed for traveling like small portable hair straighteners or clothing irons can make your life a lot easier in the long run, especially if you travel more than 3 times a year. It’s worth it, take it from someone who’s on the road at least 2 months a year.

It would be ridiculously overpriced and it isn’t going to be the same as the perfect swim suit that was lost. So unless you are going to Europe or some other free-minded place where most clothing styles are embraced and accepted, have that precious item securely placed in your carry-on luggage.

Have a nice and light trip!

SwimsuitWhen it comes to fashion, you may take time out for a holiday, but your swimsuit should never take a time-off. With winter through and with summer around the corner, you will want to get shopping for a swimsuit.

Shopping for a swimsuit means being choosing from a plethora of different options, but smart shopping means always staying ahead of the trends

If you respect yourself, it is the one item in your luggage that has to ooze confidence. You can afford to be a little bit adventurous with your holiday gear and make sure your “statement sunglasses”, summer sandals and the swimsuit ensure you look the part.

It might be counterintuitive to pay this much attention to detail before a holiday, but it’s not – the better you look the more relaxed you’ll feel.

Wear Your Swimsuit with Confidence

Whether you opt for a one-piece or two-piece, you want it to compliment your body figure and be able to wear it with confidence.

All that frustration that has always come with swimsuit shopping can be put aside because, these days, the market aims to please people from all walks of life and more importantly, any body type.

Whether you have a curvy, full, well endowed body or you are lean and athletic, you get to pick from a range of evergreen swimsuit styles. Today swimsuits are designed to fit and even more, actually flatter your body shape and size.

A Swimsuit that Works for You

Choose from a collection of fashionable, chic, modern swimsuits. Fashion today is all about personal expression, and today you can easily find a swimsuit style that expresses your love for fashion.

With a well-chosen swimsuit you can express a sporty look, a sexy, saucy look or a sugar and spice look (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Maximum impact is what holiday swimsuits are all about, and choosing a swimsuit that works for you, whether around the pool or on the beach can make or break your trip.

What about Plus-Sizes?

Swimsuit StyleWith an evergreen swimsuit style, you can wave goodbye to boring and unflattering suits, and say hello to modern swimsuits that will make you look as cool and glamorous as possible.

Even people who are a plus-size can go for a one-piece that is modern, minimalist, sexy and practical. Whether you have a big top or small top, swimsuits these days come with sturdy straps and good bras to complement your curves.

When it comes to evergreen swimsuit styles, you don’t have to be afraid of colors and print, because when you’re on holiday, anything goes.

Swimsuits to make you look extraordinary

You don’t need to be super skinny to shine on the beach. The swimming costumes of today (if chosen well) are guaranteed to make shy, awkward women look extraordinary and glamorous.

No matter what your age or size, classy, elegant, sensual swimsuits are available that can help you looked trimmed down and comfortable in your body.

Glowing hair is all you need to steal the spotlight. But unhealthy dry looking hair is all you need to lose it.


Hair plays a significant role in defining who you are. The bad news is that no matter how hard you work to keep it glowing, your inherited genes might not carry some of the best traits needed for a beautiful head of hair. The good news is that you can still have it if you decide to invest in some of the most effective remedies.

What you must remember is that the market has a lot to offer when it comes to remedies for unhealthy hair – the bad ones and the good ones. There are products that are really good and ones that are pure marketing hype.

nourish your hair

What does this mean for you?

Simple, you don’t just pick any product on the market and use it on your hair before doing some thorough research. These remedies might also fail to fit your budget.

However, there is a shortcut, and it comes in my favorite form – homemade remedies.

I consider these to be the cheapest and the safest way to keep your hair shining and healthy. If you’ve been struggling to keep your hair healthy unsuccessfully then let me share my 3 favorite home made remedies that are likely to change your life (they certainly did that for me).



Mayonnaise is among the best remedies for unhealthy hair that you can directly access from your kitchen. It is an egg yolk, beaten and mixed with vinegar and oil and then seasoned. Apart from being used in making so many delicious dishes, mayonnaise is known to work great in dry hair treatment. It includes lots of protein that are required to keep your hair shiny and soft.


  • * Fill one cup with full-fat mayonnaise.
  • * Damp your hair with water
  • * Apply the mayonnaise onto the still wet hair
  • * Massage it gently into your hair considering the areas around the scalp. Continue massaging it until it ends.
  • * Using a plastic cap, cover your hair for approximately one hour.
  • * Rinse your hair with lukewarm water
  • * Lastly, apply a shampoo and repeat this procedure every week.

Follow these simple steps and you can come back to my website and thank me later. Believe me, when you see the results, you’ll feel the need to do so…

nourish your hair2

Who doesn’t love wavy hair? The beautiful curls flowing down your back elegantly and all the compliments you receive! Especially in summer, as your hair’s waves look like sea’s waves. But the downside to all of it is having to use the harmful blow dryers, hair curlers and damage your hair, right?

So how about another way, one that gives you the same wonderful results while saving your hair from the harms and dangers of using the damaging heat? In addition, it’s super easy; all you need are a few pages of an old copy of your favorite magazine and a tape!

If you’re curious to know the steps and how exactly you can do it, keep reading!

Wavy Hair

1. Prepare your tape and your magazine – As you’ll need to rip out pages, it’s best that you use an old copy or a magazine you won’t need to read anymore.

2. Start ripping the pages from the magazine. Rip as many as you need; it depends on the length of your hair. For fairly long hair, about 9 rolls will need to be made so you will need to rip out 9 pages. Keep in mind that if you want a ‘wavy’ look, this number is just about right but if you want to go more for the ‘curly’ look, you will need to increase the number of rolls.

3. Now roll the pages and tape the ends to keep them in place. These will be the ‘rolls’ you use to create the glamorous waves! Make sure to tape them carefully so they hold your hair firmly later.

4. Time to prepare your hair. First, use a moisturizing oil of your choice. Coconut or live oil would be my recommendation. Just use a very small amount; enough to soften your hair but not weigh it down.

5. Use your favorite hair detangling spray and carefully comb your way through your hair. Make sure it’s well-combed so you don’t accidentally form annoying knots in your hair later. Starting with a slightly damp hair is very recommended. To achieve that in the best and easiest way, use a water sprayer on your dry hair then apply the oil, detangling spray and comb.

Wavy Hair style6. On to the fun part! Using the rolls you made earlier from the magazine pages, start rolling them into your hair. Separate your hair into sections and carefully wrap each section around a roll then secure it with a bobby pin. If you find that the rolls are too long, you can cut them enough just so that they are easy to manage.

7. The next step is to just wait for your hair to dry out. It’s normal that you would feel a little self-conscious with rolled magazine pages all around your head, but remember that the result is very rewarding and quite worth it!

8. Once your hair is completely dry, carefully remove the rolls by removing the bobby pins and sliding the rolls out of your curls. And that’s it! You can enjoy the most beautiful and stunning waves achieved in a very easy way that doesn’t damage your hair one bit!


Don’t believe whoever claims that in order to have your hair look good, there’s no way out of the damaging heat styling tools. Be a little creative and pamper your hair by protecting it and using more friendly methods of styling it. Trust that your hair will be quite grateful to you!